The Edge Amsterdam: Deloitte extends lease agreement

Leasing | 2024-03-27

The international consulting and accounting firm Deloitte has extended its long-term lease for its headquarters at the landmark office property "The Edge" in Amsterdam. The rental agreement covers approximately 32,130 sqm of office space and 326 parking spots.

In the course of the extension, Deka Immobilien and Deloitte have also agreed on additional improvements to take sustainable building management to the next level and thus meet the highest current requirements in the future.

Located at Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970 in the Zuidas district of Amsterdam, The Edge ranks among the most sustainable office buildings in the Netherlands, being energy-positive by generating more energy than it consumes. Efficient energy use is ensured by smart materials and technology, such as electrochromic glass controlling light transmission, smart LED lighting systems, and clever architecture. The Edge was designed to optimize natural sunlight, illuminating the spaces without affecting the indoor temperature. Additionally, 660 solar panels on the facade and roof provide sufficient energy for the entire power supply. The energy feeds into the geothermal plant, which autonomously heats and cools the building, and also charges electric cars, among other uses.

The Edge combines intelligent architecture, sophisticated design, state-of-the-art technologies, the highest comfort, and an optimal indoor climate, and, as a smart building, also sets standards for the sustainable workplace of the future. 

For example, users' laptops and phones are wirelessly connected to the building's multimedia systems, and the air conditioning and lighting are manually adjustable to each individual preferences via mobile application. Sensors collect data regarding the availability of workspaces helping employees to find a suitable workspace for their specific activity. All workspaces are flexible and unassigned making it possible to only have 1,500 workspaces for 6,000 based employees. 

The Edge by night
The Edge in Amsterdam