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Open-ended real estate funds – a solid foundation

Real estate funds are well suited for enhancing a broadly diversified portfolio. As one of the largest providers of real estate mutual funds in Europe, Deka Immobilien has been delivering the right solutions for more than five decades.

We are active worldwide as an investor, lessor and asset manager. We manage our diverse property portfolio in all phases of the real estate life cycle responsibly, in accordance with sustainability criteria. In addition to steadily reducing the overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions of our buildings by using smart data technologies, for example, our main focus is on systematically continuing our certification strategy. This focus makes Deka Immobilien one of the largest German portfolio holders of certified sustainable buildings.

Our funds for retail clients

With our open-ended real estate funds, we offer retail investors the opportunity to invest even small amounts in a broadly diversified real estate portfolio that is actively managed by us. We pool our experience in five real estate funds with different geographical investment focuses. Investors can choose from global and regional concepts focusing on Europe or North America. Our product range is rounded off by the innovative Deka-Immobilien Nordamerika concept, which is currently the sole German real estate mutual fund focusing on North America. 

Detailed information on all of Deka's open-ended real estate funds can be found on the website: Deka Investments for private clients 


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The fund centres on four long-term growth drivers: globalisation, urbanisation, new work and the environment. It only includes cities that are among the world’s top 30 in at least one of these categories. Ideally, they should be leaders in more than one.

Launch date: 2 Dec 2019
Target region: Global
ESG Strategy Product (PAI)

About Deka-ImmobilienMetropolen (only in German)

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Deka-ImmobilienGlobal lets investors invest in high-quality commercial real estate at attractive locations. Because investments are mainly geared towards the real estate cycle, the average holding period may vary accordingly.

Launch date: 28 Oct 2002
Target region: Global
ESG Strategy Product (PAI)

About Deka-ImmobilienGlobal (only in German)

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WestInvest InterSelect

The investment focus lies on European real estate locations that offer sustainable performance. Thanks to attractive acquisitions, the quality of the portfolio has continued to increase in recent years.

Launch date: 2 Oct 2000
Target region: Germany and Europe
ESG Strategy Product (PAI)

About WestInvest InterSelect (only in German)

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The fund has been pursuing its investment focus in Europe’s metropolitan areas since 1997. Deka-ImmobilienEuropa is the largest real estate fund in the German market.

Launch date: 20 Jan 1997
Target region: Europe
ESG Strategy Product (PAI)

About Deka-ImmobilienEuropa (only in German)

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The fund is denominated in US dollars and is the only open-ended real estate fund in Germany that provides an opportunity to invest in the North America region with a focus on the US.

Launch date: 14 Jul 2016
Target region: US, Mexico, Canada
ESG Strategy Product (PAI)

About Deka-ImmobilienNordamerika (only in German)


Material opportunities

  • The fund’s attractive real estate investments and professional real estate management create the opportunity for investors to receive attractive long-term returns and regular income.
  • The risk of the fund properties is broadly spread across countries, locations, tenants and types of use with the aim of smoothing returns.
  • Funds provide an opportunity to make flexible investments in real estate even with small amounts of capital.
  • Due to a partial exemption for real estate funds, part of the income from these funds is tax-exempt.*

Material risks

  • The risks that real estate is typically exposed to can lead to a reduction in real estate values or the regular income received by the fund (e.g. lost rent, occupancy ratio).
  • Liquidity investments and debt-financed real estate are subject to interest rate risk.
  • Investments outside the eurozone are still subject to the residual risk of foreign currency losses even if strategic hedging is used.
  • Applicable statutory periods and the risk of a suspension of redemptions due to insufficient liquidity could adversely affect the opportunities for redeeming units, even though they remain subject to the risk of price changes.

*The sole binding basis for purchasing Deka investment funds or certificates is the essential investor information, sales prospectuses and reports for the respective investment funds. You can obtain these documents in German at your savings bank or from DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale and at This information is not a substitute for a consultation.


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Pascal Arnds Fund Manager Deka Immobilien Nordamerika
Dr. Claus Becher Head of Real Estate Fund Management Retail Funds International
Harald Fischer Head of Real Estate Fund Management Deka Immobilien Global
Marcel Hagen Fund Manager Deka Immobilien Metropolen
Ruud Hoenink Head of Real Estate Fund Management Deka Immobilien Europa
Holger Schmidt Head of Real Estate Fund Management & Sales Support Retail
Kai Thiele Head of Real Estate Fund Management WestInvest Interselct